Our Programs Include :

Student-Led Campus Tours

Guided tours of each campus are led by current students who share their own experiences, provide details about programs and services.

Daily De-Briefing

Each day , tour leaders will assist students to review and process their experiences and to prepare for the next day.

An Opportunity to Experience Residential Life

On most of our tours, we stay one or two nights in a residence hall (dorm) on one of the campuses.

Evening Seminars on Application and Admission Topics

Participants will engage with our highly experienced counselors/tour leaders in discussions about various aspects of college admissions.

Information Sessions by Admissions Officers

Information session are hosted by an admissions officer who provides a broad overview of the college, its academic and extracurricular opportunities.

A Chance to Connect and Bond with Other International Students

In addition to the actual college visits, participants always comment about how much they enjoyed interacting.

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Past Participants’ Comments

  • “It was excellent because we got to visit the colleges and have info sessions, which really showed us how life would be in each college, and made me realize whether I’d like to be there or not. DO IT! It was really worth it, and definitely one of the best trips I’ve ever had. The counselors knew everything and were there to provide any information that we needed. I made many really great friends, and also had a lot of fun with my best friends from home. And all of that while I learned about colleges, and how they will impact my future! I wouldn’t trade this trip for anything else!”

    Julia Motta, School of the Nations, Brazil California College Tour Participant 2013
  • “STRONGLY RECOMMEND! In fact, I have already made some comments to friends who will have their sons going to college in two years, recommending them to arrange this experience for their kids.”

    Parent of Northeast Tour Participant 2011
  • “I would highly recommend the tour to other parents. I would tell them how organized, efficient and safe the tour was and how my daughter learned about the different programs that were offered at very diverse universities. I feel my daughter has the information she needs to choose a university whereas before she had too many options and only a few parameters for selection.”

    Mrs. San Jose, parent of Northeast Tour Participant 2012
  • “My son said it was very worthwhile and he would highly recommend it to others. He was happy to be advised to take notes to recall the colleges and a concrete rating system, as well as pictures of his visits. He also gained considerable information from the talks on applications and essays. He was very happy he had participated in the tour and said the counselors were very helpful and the other students on the tour were a pleasure to meet and befriend. Excellent time spent.”

    Mrs. Bohling, parent of 2012 Tour participant
  • "Definitely DO IT! Before the tour I had no idea what types of universities I would like in terms of campus, students and professors. Now I actually enjoy researching universities.. It's a great trip and you get to meet other students in the same situation as you. It's great knowing you're not the only one struggling over these applications."

    Ayesha Hasan, UWC Southeast Asia, Singapore Northeast Tour Participant 2013
  • "I'm very thankful to the whole team for providing such an enriching experience to my son. He learned so much! As a bonus, he had developed his sense of responsibility and made friends from all over the world. I would definitely recommend the tour as soon as you begin high school. I would like to suggest that you advertise more in Brazil where there is a great and growing market. Feel free to send my contact information if a Brazilian family asks for additional feedback.Thank you for everything!"

    Parent of 2012 Tour Participant
  • "The kids go with a very experienced staff. It is important to have such a good group of counselors sharing with the kids all their knowledge, tips, and guiding them through the application process. It was a bonus that the participants could share with other students who are going through the same decision process. Very important that the students had the opportunity to get started with their essays and were given feedback from the tour leaders."

    Parent of Northeast Tour Participant 2011