Our Programs Include :

Student-Led Campus Tours

Guided tours of each campus are led by current students who share their own experiences, provide details about programs and services.

Daily De-Briefing

Each day , tour leaders will assist students to review and process their experiences and to prepare for the next day.

An Opportunity to Experience Residential Life

On most of our tours, we stay one or two nights in a residence hall (dorm) on one of the campuses.

Evening Seminars on Application and Admission Topics

Participants will engage with our highly experienced counselors/tour leaders in discussions about various aspects of college admissions.

Information Sessions by Admissions Officers

Information session are hosted by an admissions officer who provides a broad overview of the college, its academic and extracurricular opportunities.

A Chance to Connect and Bond with Other International Students

In addition to the actual college visits, participants always comment about how much they enjoyed interacting.

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Past Participants’ Comments

“I would highly recommend the tour.”
Mrs. Jimenez, Parent of Northeast Tour ParticipantSt. Paul School, Concord, New Hampshire, USA
Indispensible! I’m so happy I went on the tour! Definitely do it, it is worth it to see the colleges as you can imagine yourself go there. Also, the information sessions were really helpful and the tour was well organized.””
Rufus Raghunath, Northeast College Tour Participant United World College Southeast Asia, Singapore
“It is a good investment as part of the whole process of selecting the right college for your kid. Especially for us who are non-Americans, who have no/very limited knowledge of the American college system, this Tour provides a credible source of first hand info on what are the important considerations about college selection and how to make an informed decision on what, how, where about college selection.”
Parent of Northeast Tour Participant
“We found TS College Tours helpful in getting a much better and practical feel of some key universities, and more importantly, what life is like in the school and the city where these universities are. No website can really give you this.
Johanna Svanikier, Parent of Northeast Tour ParticipantStowe School, Buckinghamshire, UK
“It is a really helpful tour to help student get a sense or determine what kind of university/college they want to experience. Students will be much more confident in college preparation and application after the tour!
Yangfan Hou, Northeast College Tour Participant Fudan International School, China
“My son was very excited on his return and I felt that he learned a lot about the application process. He experienced the Eastern part of the US for the first time and learned about “BEST FIT”, and the importance of feeling ‘THE VIBE’. I would highly recommend it!”
Danya Amin, Parent of Northeast and California Tour participantsCairo American School, Eygpt
“All of the counselors were approachable and the interaction was excellent. I really felt I could trust the counselors and go to them if I had any question, issue or complaint. Another of my favorite parts was simply spending such an amazing time with the people I met!“
Maria del Mar Ferrey, Northeast Tour Participant American Nicaraguan School, Nicaragua
Your child won’t stop talking about it!”
Lydia Sommer, Parent of California Tour ParticipantSingapore American School
“The trip was so well organized. It was a busy itinerary with so many schools to visit in just a week so I am amazed that we were able to go through every school from DC to Boston. I just needed to show up at the lobby each morning and after that, I was guided to all the places I needed to go. Very organized!
Takero Sone, Northeast College Tour Participant Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong
Everything was JUST PERFECT, our peers, the tours, the colleges, the meals, thecounselors…….Absolutely everything!!!!”
Lucas Barros, Northeast College Tour Participant School of the Nations, Brazil
“The California College Tour proved to be enjoyable, informative, and incredibly worthwhile. Having done the tour, I’m now confident I can effectively evaluate each college I visit, write an essay that both is pointed and personal, and fill out the common application with ease.”
Paul Cobee, California Tour ParticipantYokohama International School, Japan
“It will be one of the best experiences of your life.”
Khalid Rhacid, Northeast College Tour Participant Cairo American College, Eygpt
GO! It is really helpful, especially for international school students. You get to see different types of colleges all in one week and spend time with other kids who are all in the same situation as you. You also get first hand information about how to do college apps and what the admissions people are looking for. Not to mention the counselors are extremely awesome and fun!”
Aly San Jose, Northeast College Tour ParticipantInternational School Manila, Philippines
Definitely do it--the tour is intense and provides a wonderful opportunity for your child to visit and experience the schools. The counselors are excellent and the tour is a great mix of touring campuses and some fun activities.”
Bill Mundy, Parent of California and Northeast Tours ParticipantSingapore American School, Singapore