About us

TS College Tours was established to serve international school students who plan to attend university in the US and the UK. Unlike other college tour companies, at TS College Tours we focus on the specific and exclusive needs of international students. Our counselors all have extensive experience in international schools, and they know how confusing it can be to apply to a university where one hasn’t grown up. We have the expertise to help students determine what are their “best fit” colleges, to find out and meet and special requirements, and to help them present their unique backgrounds as stand-out assets when they apply.

Our Services Include

  • Pre-Scheduled Campus Tours
  • Custom Tours for Schools
  • Custom Tours for Families/Tour Logistics for Families
  • On-site training of school counselors regarding the college admission process
Each tour is intense and students should come prepared with plenty of energy for exciting, enjoyable, and educational days!

Why US?

TS College Tours is the only college tour company that focuses exclusively on offering college visits for students who are attending international and American schools abroad, and who plan to attend university in the US or UK.

Because we focus on a very specific clientele, we do, what we do, very well!

Our tour leaders are all extremely experienced high school counselors (over 100 years combined counseling experience in over 20 international schools) who have an understanding of the unique backgrounds, experiences and needs of “third-culture kids.”

TS College Tours offers more than simply tours of colleges.

Participants receive a pre-departure package that includes inventories and activities to complete before the tour commences. Also, evening sessions on various college admission topics including essay writing, interview practice, and application strategies are held during the tour. Students learn all about the application process and receive valuable advice from the tour leaders throughout the tour.

Alumni perspectives

Where possible, students have dinner and conversation with international school alumni currently attending some of the colleges on each tour. Tour participants have found all these activities extremely helpful in providing a ‘full picture’ of colleges and the application process.

The surest way for students to find the best college match – where they will be happiest, and most successful – is to experience different schools first-hand!

Benefits of Tours

“Before going on college tours we thought we knew what each college’s environment was like but after visiting them in person we learned they are very different from what we thought. There was one college that I really felt I wanted to attend, but once I visited it, I found that it was not the right fit for me.”
Singapore American School Graduate 2009

“College brochures only give you a fraction of needed information. The college information sessions and the campus tours will give you a much better idea of what the college is like and if you would be happy there.”
Tour Participant 2010

“As your child heads toward college, take the time to plan college visits. A small investment in time now can save significant time, money, and hassles during the during the college application period that’s coming sooner than you think.”By Dave Berry on College Confidential

“One of the essentials when deciding on a college is visiting the campus….”EduReview

“A campus visit is your opportunity to get a firsthand view of a college. A college catalog, viewbook, or website can only show you so much. To really get a feel for the school, you need to walk around the quad, sit in on a class, and visit the dorms”.College Board

“You’ve heard the old saying, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Well, a campus visit is worth a thousand brochures. Nothing beats walking around a campus to get a feel for it. Some students report that they could tell if they loved or hated a campus by driving through it.”

“If you’re going to invest $60,000 every year to send your child to a university abroad, you might as well invest a couple thousand dollars now to send your kid to TS College Tours before high school graduation, to make the most of your investment in an international university education.”
Parent of Tour Participant 2011

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