Why US?

TS College Tours is the only college tour company that focuses exclusively on offering college visits for students who are attending international and American schools abroad, and who plan to attend university in North America.

Because we focus on a very specific clientele, we do, what we do, very well!

Our tour leaders are all extremely experienced high school counselors (over 100 years combined counseling experience in over 20 international schools) who have an understanding of the unique backgrounds, experiences and needs of “third-culture kids.”

TS College Tours offers more than simply tours of colleges.

Participants receive a pre-departure package that includes inventories and activities to complete before the tour commences. Also, evening sessions on various college admission topics including essay writing, interview practice, and application strategies are held during the tour. Students learn all about the application process and receive valuable advice from the tour leaders throughout the tour.

Alumni perspectives

Where possible, students have dinner and conversation with international school alumni currently attending some of the colleges on each tour. Tour participants have found all these activities extremely helpful in providing a comprehensive view of colleges and the application process.

The surest way for students to find the best college match – where they will be happiest, and most successful – is to experience different schools first-hand!