College Reps Feedback

“Visiting campuses is an important part of the college/university selection process. I always tell students that being able to experience a campus first hand, whether it feels like a “fit” or not, can be hugely informative in deciding where to apply or enroll.

As Chapman receives more and more qualified applicants each year, one of the things the Admission Committee is looking more and more closely at is something we call demonstrated interest. We look at the number of times we’ve interacted with students on the road, we look at whether they have interviewed with us and we look at whether they’ve visited campus. For many students, this can make a difference in the admission decision they received.

We were lucky enough to have a great group of students visit campus last year as part of TS College Tours. I was impressed at the well thought out questions students asked and the advantage they were taking of the opportunity to visit a diverse group of schools. I’ve have also been lucky enough to follow up with many of these students at their high schools overseas. The students that take advantage of the tour are wonderful and their leaders are well-versed in the college selections and application process. Chapman will always look forward to hosting TS College Tours.”

Ali Klein
Associate Director of Admission/International Admission
Chapman University

“TS College Tours is unique in that the team is full of current and former high school counselors and university admission officers! They are up-to-date on the latest admission trends and work tirelessly to keep a positive relationship with university admission offices. I have worked with TS Tours for many years and was always impressed by their level of professionalism in their approach with the students and our visitor center.”

When I visit high schools to recruit students, I always tell the juniors and seniors that as just as much as you want to get IN, we want to select students who want to COME. All universities want to increase their “yield” (% of admitted applicants who choose to enroll) and we’re constantly improving our system to figure out which students are truly interested in our university.”

David Park
Former Associate Director of Admissions
University of Southern California

“TS Tours are high quality because of the excellent organization of the tour, engaged students and chaperones. The engagement of the students during their visit to campus as a group have always come across as well mannered, focused on getting to know the university, and well prepared for getting the most out of their experience.

As our applications from overseas increase, as well as our visitors to campus from overseas increase each year, the divide of those who have done their research on Santa Clara University and those who have not is becoming wider. The visit to campus not only demonstrates interest, but supports the student in writing higher quality and authentic answers to supplemental questions on the application and their search to find the right fit university. Demonstrating interest will not outweigh the student’s academic profile, but in a growing competitive pool, having visited campus formally through a registered visit with the admission office is seen as a positive attribute in an application.”

Becky Konwicz
Director of International Admission
Santa Clara University