Custom Tours

In addition to the pre-scheduled tour, TS College Tours also offers customized college tours for schools, groups, or individual families.

What We Do

  • Plan all logistics including arranging flights, hotels, transportation, meals, campus visit and meetings with admissions representatives.
  • Arrange for campus tours
  • Schedule informational meetings with admissions officers, and interviews at universities that conduct interviews.
  • Book and plan additional requested activities (museums, amusement parks, plays or musicals, local events)
  • Provide students with a pre-departure planning booklet, summaries of colleges to be visited, and a checklist to use to evaluate each college during the tour
  • Provide promotional materials to advertise the tour to students.

Benefits to you/your school:

  • Counselors, teachers, or parents will not have to spend days planning and arranging logistics.
  • One chaperone travels free with every 10 students.
  • Students, counselors and parents get a complete overview of the college admissions process and its’ components.
  • Students return to school more focused and with a very accurate view of the colleges they are considering.
  • Rising seniors on the tour will start their essays on the tour, guided by experience counselors, making their time at school more efficient and productive.