Pennsylvania Tour

April 8-16, 2017

Colleges/Universities offered on Tour A:

University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, Franklin and Marshall College, Dickinson College, Bucknell University, Penn State University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh

An essential primer on the U.S. college landscape Join us for an exciting tour of 10 great colleges and universities in Pennsylvania! This tour features an array of schools, some internationally known and highly ranked and some lesser-known schools providing a quality education. We will leave from Hong Kong as a group* and spend a week exploring these schools and engaging in some informative seminars on the US college admissions process. The fee includes flights to/from Hong Kong and all accommodations, meals, coach travel and activity fees. A great value and essential learning opportunity for high school students seeking to discover the best-fit schools relative to their interests, talents and preferences.

Includes all transportation, breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, all accommodations, all tour fees and seminars.

*Students who wish to join the tour from countries other than Hong Kong can arrange their own flights into Philadelphia and out of Pittsburgh. The fee for such participants is $2550 USD. Please contact us for more details for this option (in terms of arrival times and departure times)

Group Travel from Hong Kong (inclusive of flight) :

Cost: $3795 USD
apply online for application process

Program Only (I will arrange my own flight into Philadelphia and out of Pittsburgh):

Cost: $2550 USD
apply online for application process